Mountain Cabin

I recently decided to get away from it all and rented a cabin in the woods in the mountains of a neighboring state. Everyone in my hot humid state dreams of getting out of the rat race for a while and escaping the suffocating thermostat temperatures, and one way to do that is to drive about eight hours and go relax in a rented cabin in the mountains. Oftentimes, there will also be a nearby lake, which is always marvelous. So, I took the plunge and spent more than I could afford and off I went. However, when I arrived, I discovered that my mountain cabin did not have air conditioning. I thought it was very unfair of them to leave out that detail in the advertisement. I almost demanded my money back and went back home because I have never in my life been able to live without a/c. But, I did not want to have to drive all that way home. I was tired. So I stayed. Well, I went to sleep that night with the fans on and the windows open, and I quickly discovered that even though it was summer, I did not need air conditioning. Apparently, the trees and whatever else provides enough shade that a/c is unnecessary. In fact, I used a quilt because the ceiling fan was almost like having a/c blowing out on me from air vents! When I asked someone else about the a/c situation, I also learned that all the cabins are built in such a way as to take advantage of the natural breezes, so a/c is rarely necessary. Some of the rental units do have mini split a/c units or even central heating and cooling, but it really isn’t necessary.

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