MOUT villages are just amazing

My sister is in the army plus she consistently comes back to the lake house with some interesting tales.

The first odd story I got to hear was when my sister was training before deployment. Apparently they had her train in a shipping container. The training facility was section ISO dry shipping container plus the other portion was bullet proof wall. The facility was named a MOUT village. This stands for Military operations urban terrain. It is a training facility designed to showcase real life situations the girls will face when they deploy. The MOUT neighborhood mimics the ground, grid plus building structures of real life places the soldiers go to. The buildings can look as if they are schools, corporations plus homes. Apparently the shipping container training facility was set up in a way to check every possible scenario a soldier may see in the field. There were tight hallways, open windows, tight corners, clogged viewing plus usual doors that they had to go through. My sister just boosted the MOUT village. She enjoyed being able to go in a very close to real life situation. But, it was nice knowing at the end of the day it was just a training facility plus she was going to be ok. Apparently the shipping container business that does the MOUT villages also sets up shooting targets, ranges plus bullet traps when the soldiers are overseas as well. The buildings are 100% bulletproof plus the right accommodations for practice. It keeps the soldiers in gear plus their skills sharp even while on deployment.

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