Mouth spray CBD before I present

At work I started out as the typical cubicle worker that kept their head down and turned everything in on time. I finally have gotten noticed for my talents plus all my hard work. I recently got a promotion and for a long time I was sort of worried that I would need to turn it down. The biggest issue was that with the promotion I had to travel for my job and speak to potential purchasers. I am not a good public speaker in any way, shape or form. I get quite anxious in front of people. I start to turn red, sweat a bunch plus my body shakes. Thankfully, I have found an easy solution to my public speaking issues. I went to a recreational pot store near me for something to help. I knew people smoked cannabis to calm down and relax. I wondered if weed could help me stop my anxiety with public speaking. The budtender working there was amazing at showing me all the cannabis products and CBD items. He suggested a CBD infused mouth spray. He said that after I eat my lunch I spray a few times plus wait for the effects. I could get a spray with only CBD that would calm my anxiety a tad or choose a THC heavy strain to honestly mellow me in the meeting. I choose the CBD variety plus it has worked so well for me. With just a few sprays, I no longer freak when speaking. I don’t get sweaty or shaky. I go in totally relaxed.

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