Movie night and not being cold

When I took my family to the drive-in film theatre last weekend, every one of us experienced a major problem. My heating machine in the vehicle decided to quit working! Well fortunately, every one of us had a couple of blankets in our car, and I was ecstatic that I thought to have those blankets for everybody. Every one of us would have been totally nippy in the vehicle separate from the heating machine working. It was especially difficult not having that toasty air flowing from the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine vents, but there was nothing but ice-cold air! I was feeling lucky it wasn’t colder than it was though, because I wouldn’t have been able to defrost the windshield if it came to that. I was asking my best buddy what he thought about our vehicle the following day. He let me know that the heater core probably had to be changed out, but so I decided to take our vehicle to the auto repair shop, plus sure enough the heater core was not any good plus they had it upgraded. It’s not the easiest part to get at in the car, so the job wasn’t cheap in the least. I was just ecstatic when our heating machine was finally working again in our car. I told my wifey about it plus she laughed plus said every one of us could go to the drive-in again this upcoming weekend. I definitely look forward to that! I don’t expect to have any more problems with the climate control system, so every one of us would be entirely warm in our vehicle enjoying the double feature! Honestly, as long as the climate control system experiences no problems in our car, I could totally do this every single weekend!

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