Moving far away from town

Some friends of mine and myself decided it was time to resettle far out into the country. Many people around our neighborhood already believe that our area was the country, but I believe the country should and tail more than one acre of distance between my neighbors and myself. Oh, that was absolutely far from any other neighbor. The place was a rundown family Cottage, but everyone of us absolutely saw the value in easily fixing it up. The old style family Cottage had been vacant for a number of years, and more than one changes would absolutely be necessary. Every one of my family members and myself had to work on getting water into the old family Cottage. There was no bathroom inside of the cottage, and the previous tenants had been using the Great Outdoors. Another thing that needed to be repaired, was absolutely doing something to add a central furnace and cooling plan. The only thing inside of the old Cottage was a small wood furnace that’s at near the corner of the living area. More than one of us knew this furnace would not be enough to heat our family Cottage. Every one of us had to hire a furnace dealer from the city, to drive out of town and help us install a furnace that could run from solar electricity. More than one of us were absolutely ready to leave the city life behind. first we had to make sure that we could survive out here without any help from the folks in the city areas.

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