Moving in with my friend was not the best idea

My good buddy Lisa plus I have been best pals since the fourth grade.

As we started to get older plus had to consider what we wanted to do after school we figured it would be fantastic to be roommates at college.

We were going to the same local college, so it seemed pretty much like a perfect fit. When I told my father this he didn’t seem as thrilled as I had hoped. He didn’t say I wasn’t allowed to be roommates with Lisa, despite the fact that he did tell myself and others that it was not the best idea. Now that I am enrolled at our college plus I have been living with Lisa for a few weeks I am starting to see that my father might have been right. I definitely care about my best friend, however we are two completely different people. She has consistently been the type to splurge while I have consistently been more frugal. For instance, no matter how cool it is outside during the summer months she enjoyed to have the air conditioning appliance running on full power. Even when I would tell him to chill on running the air conditioning appliance plus mention that I leave the windows down to let a breeze in I would come back to the dwelling from class to find that the a/c was running on full crank. She has also turned out to be quite a party girl. I can’t count how many times I come back to the dwelling during a workday to find a dozen people in our dwelling acting loud plus crazy. You can take it from me, if you want to stay friends with someone, it is a fantastic choice to just avoid living with them.

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