Moving into a new home with no central cooling

My boyfriend and I just moved into a home. We both came from our parents’ homes that had central heating and cooling. Our parents have much newer homes than what we’ve moved into but because of our budget we could not afford a nicer home with central air. I have been so spoiled with living in a central heating and cooling home for the past 15 years. But it looks like I’m going to have to suck it up and get used to it. We moved in our home last month so we are currently experiencing the winters in this home. It’s not too bad since we are able to heat our house through a fuel oil furnace and a pellet stove. Our pellet stove is located in our living room and have a vent where the smoke can be released outside. I’m not too worried about winters in this home since we have a good heating source. However I am somewhat nervous about living in this home during the summer time because of the lack of central air conditioning. We do not have registers in our home so the only way that we’re going to receive some form of cool air is by opening the windows, plugging in a fan, and by installing window air conditioning units. I think the window air conditioning units will be effective but luckily where our house sits, it’s in a valley so we do get a lot of wind no matter what the season is. Worse comes to worse if we have to have a heating and cooling technician come and take a look at our home to see what it would cost for a central air system, I think it would be ok since we do have a small square footage home.  

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