Moving to a new city was a big temperature change

Most recently my fiance and I have decided to make a big change in our lives, both of us wanted to live in another state far away from where the people I was with and I had come from.

Both of us both had a lot of common interests and were equally as ambitious to get out of our small city and see the world, but my fiance and I both lived and grew up in the same small town, and her parents had moved to the city she would call apartment when she was only various years old.

My parents had already moved to the city a few years earlier, although I wasn’t born yet, and wouldn’t be until five years later, but it was a slender knit community and the temperature in the section was as cold as you could believe… Every year there was consistently lots of snow and Ice, and this was good for me as a kid because it meant lots of snowball fights and snowmen. My fiance and I met when the people I was with and I were kids when the people I was with and I started attending the same high university together. Both of us instantly hit it off and have been together ever since, but now as much as the people I was with and I love our hometown the people I was with and I were ready to expand our horizons, the people I was with and I both shared a love for hot and sunny weather and so the people I was with and I decided to rent a arena down south; When the people I was with and I moved to the warmer temperature, I was in for a surprise. Nobody used furnaces here, where I am from every cabin had a heating system to keep you hot during cold winters, however here the temperature plus the HVAC systems are completely different. In the south the oil furnace and air conditioning are combined into a single convenient little equipment with there being both a central air conditioning and a central heating system. Many homes have fireplaces too, which is something the people I was with and I were both gleeful to try in our new home.



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