Multi Split air conditioning system

Some friends of mine were remodeling an old Victorian house. The house had been ravaged in a hurricane, and the owners decided to leave the property. My friends had picked up the old Victorian house in a salvage sale. There was a lot of remodeling to perform. Half of the siding was gone, and there was a lot of indoor water damage to the floors and walls. After my friends had completed most of the structural repairs, they called me to look at the HVAC system. I’ve been in the HVAC industry for a long time, and I am the supervising manager at a local Contracting firm. I went over on Tuesday, and saw how much work they had completed in the last few months. I recommended a multi split HVAC system. The multi split system has one unit Outdoors, and 3 units indoors. The multi split HVAC system is made for this type of large home. Since there are three levels in the home, each one of the split systems will be responsible for heating and cooling and and tire floor. The multi split HVAC system is the best way to get maximum efficiency in such a large square footage. My friends were happy for the advice, and decided to think it over for a few days. The multi split system can be quite expensive, so I knew they would likely consider a few different options. If they are going to get top dollar on resale, I would definitely buy the multi split HVAC system. I believe it would make the home even more attractive to potential buyers, in the future.

ductless mini split