My AC finally got fixed

There are a lot of problems in life, for everyone. It is just a part of life itself, when you have to deal with obstacles, and how you deal with them makes you into the person you truly are. For my own part, I always like to put things into perspective when confronted with a problem. A lot of people turn molehills into mountains, as the saying goes, but I like to go the opposite route and make sure my problems never feel bigger than they really are. Recently I had some major issues with my home, and it left me without any air conditioning for almost two full weeks. At first I was angry and upset, because it is pretty hot out these days and I rely on my A/C to keep me comfortable at home. Then I put my problem into perspective, and realized that in the grand scheme of life, not having air conditioning was a minor problem at most. For tens of thousands of years there was no such invention as an air conditioner, so how did billions of people survive without any source of cooling? If they lived full and complete lives without ever feeling the touch of air conditioning, then I should be able to survive a couple weeks, right? This line of thinking helped me to mentally deal with the situation, but I would be lying if I said I never stopped missing my A/C. The power of positive thinking helps me out, but I am very glad my AC finally got fixed.

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