My AC System Broke During The Heatwave

He walked in and around my house for over an hour repairing everything

When I watched the weather channel last week, I was excited about the cooler temperatures hitting the area. The summer heat and humidity were overwhelming and I never wanted to leave the house. The hot temperatures were wearing out my AC system, so I was excited to give my AC system a break from the heat and humidity. On the last hot day, I noticed that my house felt extra warm. The first thing I did was check the air vents. The air coming out of the air vents was lukewarm and the airflow wasn’t powerful. The second thing I did was check my thermostat settings. The thermostat said my house was 78 degrees despite the fact that I’d set the temperature to 73 degrees. I stopped and listened to the HVAC system, and I could hear it running. This was when I realized that something was wrong. I didn’t know what to do, but I began to panic about the situation. It was hot and sticky inside, and there was no way I could go to bed that night without AC. I called three HVAC companies in the area before finding one that would come to service my AC system that day. After telling the HVAC professional about the issues I was having, he started working on my HVAC system. He walked in and around my house for over an hour repairing everything. I’m really glad he was able to fix my AC system at the end of the heat wave. With the cooler weather approaching, I can let my AC system relax and recover.


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