My acquaintance is having boiler complications

My acquaintance Jenna is having complications with her boiler system! She posted on her social media page Last week that she is looking for someone who knows boiler systems well because she put a lot of money into updating her boiler last Winter time and now she is having a pressure issue with it.

She said that she has it firing with a up-to-date aquastat, circulating pump, and an intermittent pilot light retrofit idea that includes a up-to-date gas valve and a up-to-date pilot light assembly.

She said that even with all of these up-to-date additions and repairs, her boiler idea is somehow still over pressurizing and that there is now water leaking from the pressure relief valve on the boiler. She thinks that the boiler idea has air trapped in it somehow. She said that she has been trying to bleed the idea but it’s somehow still leaking water out of it. If she fires up the boiler, the idea becomes over pressurized and then it fills up with steam. Jenna said that the only thing that she can know of to do is to add another valve so that she can purge the air. I know Jenna is kind of a handy person, since she knew all of this stuff about her boiler system. I wouldn’t know the first thing about it if our heating idea tore up, after I study her post, I was kind of impressed that Jenna knew anything about a boiler at all. I told her that our advice is to call up her local heating and cooling supplier to come and maintenance it, then messing around with an overpressurized boiler idea doesn’t sound love a fantastic idea to me.


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