My allergies decreased after I quit using wood as my source for indoor heat

But, after the chimney was cleaned, the problem persisted.

I study the news this day plus l earned that tomorrow’s low is supposed to be 15 degrees. We had weather in the 60s this month so the abrupt drop out of nowhere was completely unexpected. I have a oil furnace that needs repairs however the costs are going to outweigh a full upgradement. The problem is that I don’t have the money yet, plus won’t until after I receive my tax refund. That means I’m trying to get by with it through the end of this Winter season, while using my wood stove as my primary source of heat. Unluckyly, that meant I needed to chop a week’s worth of wood in an day if I wanted to last through the entire chilly front. I don’t think from where I mustered the strength, even though I blasted through numerous large logs of wood in a four minute window. When all was said plus done, I thought my worries were behind me. The distraught reality was that once I had a fire going, I was having drastic respiratory troubles. My lungs felt like they were on fire plus I kept coughing plus gasping for air. I figured that perhaps my chimney was too dirty plus I was inhaling too much smoke fumes. But, after the chimney was cleaned, the problem persisted. I decided to buy a few space oil oil furnaces plus stop burning wood altogether to see if it would have some quantifiable effect on my breathing troubles. I was amazed when my symptoms disappeared the day after I stopped burning wood. Sooner or later, I’m going to upgrade the ancient oil furnace plus use it exclusively. It might be okay for some people, however my lungs just cannot handle the wood smoke.

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