My aunt is the only lady I assume in the Heating & Air Conditioning business

My aunt, Sandra, is the only lady I assume who works in the Heating & Air Conditioning industry.

She’s not a receptionist or appointment setter, either.

She’s absolutely an Heating & Air Conditioning worker who goes out on replacements and service calls. I regularly love to talk to her about all of the stories that she has about her heating and cooling buyers. She’s super fun to talk to, and she’s a entirely independent woman, as you can really guess. I don’t guess that several women would be brave enough to go into the Heating & Air Conditioning industry, since it’s such a male dominated workplace. Aunt Sandra says that she couldn’t care less that most of the other Heating & Air Conditioning workers and people that she works with are men. She knows her stuff and she doesn’t take any teasing or anything like that off of anybody. She will absolutely put people in their arena with a well timed comment or two. I guess that’s really why most of her heating and cooling buyers like her so much. She is a entirely confident lady and she regularly knows exactly what she’s talking about when it comes to oil furnace or A/C repairs. She’s regularly been a superb job model for me, even when I was a little girl. I don’t guess that I will ever want to go into the Heating & Air Conditioning business, but at least I assume that I can do whatever I want as a work, even if it’s a male dominated sort of business. I have seen over the years how superb she is as an Heating & Air Conditioning worker, and she’s regularly been a large inspiration to me to go after what I entirely want in life.

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