My aunt loves her air conditioner

After the unpleasantness happened, and my dad was taken into custody, my siblings and I all went to live with our Aunt Janice. She was a sweet lady, and generous enough to open her little house to four wayward children, something for which I am eternally grateful. We never had to worry about missing a meal or sleeping in the rain, and to ask for anything more out of life might be considered greedy. All of that said, Aunt Janice was a very odd woman, set in her ways, who did not take kindly to kids messing up her routine. She was very particular about her thermostat, for example, something she expressly said was off limits to us kids. She watched that thermostat readout like a hawk, never trusting it to do the job on its own. She would edge the temperature controls up or down by a degree or two if she felt things were getting out of balance. She was so worried about paying too much for her air conditioning, but on the other hand she could not stand to get sweaty. Once in a while she would move her big easy chair right in front of the air vent, and soak in the AC for a few minutes. After that she would turn the thermostat off entirely and go the rest of the day with no cooling at all. After a while we all stopped trying to figure it out, and just resigned ourselves to the fact that Aunt Janice had some serious issues with the air conditioner.  

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