My baby always wants to go to the zoo when the weather is super hot outside

So the weather here where both of us live is super hot this summer, then even though it’s getting toward the end of the Summer when it’s supposed to be cooling off, it’s honestly not yet, but i actually guess it’s been heating up over the past several weeks! That’s peculiar weather, in my opinion.

I don’t understand it, but it seems love whenever the weather is heating up, my child always wants to spend more & more time outside. It never fails that when I want to go inside & relax in the a/c, he wants to go out & get hot & hot. I hate being hot & hot, & I explained to him that people invented a/c for a reason… The whole reason that both of us have central a/c in our apartment is because of hot Summer afternoons! Normally, people will turn down their temperature controls & stay inside in the a/c when the weather is sweltering, but not my son! Nope, those afternoons when the thermometer is all orange are the absolutely afternoons when he wants to go out & head to the zoo or the beach or something love that. I always tell him that I’ll take him wherever he wants to go, but sporadically I’ll just stay in the car with the a/c running; Maybe kids just aren’t affected by the weather as much as adults are. I suppose that my child doesn’t exactly plan his activities around whether or not a location has a central a/c or not! But I entirely have noticed lately that I’m much more likely to go somewhere with great indoor air conditions than a locale with no a/c at all.

a/c serviceman