My best friend has an awesome seeing eye dog

My best friend happens to be blind.

She has a seeing eye dog and honestly, that dog is so helpful for her.

I honestly couldn’t imagine her getting through life without her trusty sidekick dog. She actually had the dog trained to help her with basically everything. She could tell the dog to get her certain things she needed like her cell phone. She could ask the dog to retrieve her purse and other things like that. I thought it was really cool that the dog could easily lead her to the thermostat when she wanted to adjust the temperature control settings. Eventually she didn’t have to do that any longer because I decided to purchase her an advanced smart thermostat. The smart thermostat is awesome because it has voice commands that allow her to speak the temperature control she wants and it will adjust the temperature controls for her. It’s funny when I go to visit her. Her dog always gets excited when the A/C system turns on and he will always run over to the HVAC vent to lay there. I will commonly help her out with things too like changing the air filters for the HVAC system. I think it’s very important for her to keep good air quality in her home, especially since she has a dog to look after. I will often help her with feeding the dog and supplying water as well, though a lot of the time she prefers to do those things on her own. There was a time when she refused to let me help her with anything, but she has changed over the years.

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