my bro came at the worst time

I hate when people come into town and don’t take my recommendations about timing.

My brother came to visit me during the worst part of the year recently; the summer.

He simply wanted to have fun as well as see all of the sites in our area however several of those places were simply too hot as well as humid. I tried explaining this to him before he booked the trip, although he insisted it could not be that awful as well as he eventually booked his travel in the summer time anyway. The first day he arrived all of us went to the zoo as well as within 10 minutes our brother was uncomfortably hot. We sadly ended up spending most of the trip inside of the tacky gift shops, enjoying the cool air from the air conditioners. The next day, I was shocked when our brother truly didn’t want to leave the house at all. Then I thought about it before I told him about aquariums as well as museums around our house that would have A/C then I hoped that I was right. Thankfully I was spot on. The people I was with and I ended up going to see these massive indoor air conditioned locales for the rest of his trip to stay comfortable. The people I was with and I went from the air-conditioned house to the perfectly air conditioned car to the air-conditioned locale and then back to the house. Of course all of us still had to walk from the sweltering parking lots, however that was doable. I hope our brother had a good time visiting despite the heat as well as humidity. You never visit these places until you have visitors that make you get out of the cold house as well as explore your own city.
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