My central a/c is too quiet

Honestly, I suppose that this might be odd to say, although I am willing to admit that there is something that I do not love about my central a/c! You cannot imagine how happy I was to finally transport into a house that had a central a/c.

I had been looking forward to using the central a/c for a long time, before I moved to this house, I used to live in a house that did not have a central a/c. The only a/cs that I had in my house were window a/cs! Now, I do not want to spend too long complaining about the window a/cs. The window a/cs genuinely offered the cooling that all of us needed whenever central a/cs were not an option. However, when all of us decided to move, all of us were pretty happy about the central a/c. The central a/c keeps our entire house cool, as well as it is genuinely much cheaper per month than the window a/cs were. There is only a single problem with the central a/c that all of us do not like. I do not love how quiet my central a/c is. Now, all the people would be happy to have an extremely quiet central a/c, although I was not. The problem was that I relied on the noise from the window a/c in my room to help myself and others sleep, when I got the central a/c, I discovered that my room was far too quiet separate from the window a/c. I had a hard time sleeping for a long time, as well as I ended up having to buy a fan in order to be able to sleep after I moved.


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