My central air conditioning is too quiet

Honestly, I think that this might be different to say, even though I am willing to admit that there is something that I do not prefer about my central air conditioning, however you cannot imagine how happy I was to finally transfer into a lake house that had a central air conditioning.

I had been looking forward to using the central air conditioning for a long time, before I moved to this house, I used to live in a lake house that did not have a central air conditioning.

The only air conditionings that I had in my lake house were window air conditionings, however now, I do not want to spend too long complaining about the window air conditionings. The window air conditionings easily gave the cooling that the two of us needed whenever central air conditionings were not an option. However, when the two of us decided to move, the two of us were pretty happy about the central air conditioning. The central air conditioning keeps our entire lake house cool, and it is entirely much cheaper per month than the window air conditionings were. There is only one complication with the central air conditioning that the two of us do not like. I do not prefer how quiet my central air conditioning is. Now, everyone would be happy to have an severely quiet central air conditioning, even though I was not. The complication was that I relied on the noise from the window air conditioning in my room to help me sleep, but when I got the central air conditioning, I discovered that my room was far too quiet without the window air conditioning. I had a hard time sleeping for a long time, and I ended up having to buy a fan in order to be able to sleep after I moved.


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