My Cleaning Lady is Not very good

Have you ever made the decision to hire a cleaning lady? I recently made the decisions, as well as it surprises me a little because I never thought I would ever get a cleaning person to clean in my house, however now that I am getting a bit older, though, I find that it is quite hard to clean as well as I should, it hurts my knees as well as back as well as hips to get on the floor as well as clean the bathtub, for example, and even though I am not going to be too demanding, there is a single thing I want the cleaning lady to pay attention to… That is the air vents as well as cooling system air filters.

I feel it should be section of the cleaning lady’s task to clean the cooling system air vents as well as to upgrade the cooling system air filter once a month, and well, most of the cleaning people that I have interviewed do not agree with that.

Every single a single of them said they never even considered replacing the cooling system air filter for their customers, as well as only a single of them mentioned that she would clean the air vents. Well, the air vent over the housing gets quite filthy. If the cleaning person doesn’t clean it, the cooling system does not work as well as it is supposed to because the dust as well as debris clog up the air flow. I do not want the airflow to be cut off because of dust piling up on the air vents, so I am going to watch as well as make sure she absolutely does clean the air vent prefer she says she is willing to do.

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