My condo is an issue

7 weeks ago, I was suffering from a bad case of a stomach bug. I went to the market and forgot to use the cart wipes once more. Everytime that is going one, I swear that I end up getting more ill. This time, I was vomiting, sick, and full of sweating fits and cold fits. I made an appointment to see the medical professional, when my throat started to feel red and irritated. It was fantastic that I did, because I found out that I dealing with a terrible case of strep throat and influenza. While I was waiting to see the medical professional, I had to rest in the waiting room. The room was full of men and women, most of them coughing and sneezing. I found the only available seat, which occured to be directly underneath the air vent. It was hot outside, so the a/c was working. The freezing a/c was pouring down from the HVAC vents, and I was really cold. I had bumps all over my arms and legs, and I was start to feel cold. I hoped they would call my name soon, although I ended up sitting around for nearly 2 hours. When I saw the doctor, I made a complaint about the freezing air quality in the waiting room. She told me they just had the a/c cleaned and upgraded. I would say the upgrade worked well, because the air was frigid and cold. Luckily, the examination room was much more content.