My cousin is a genius with ductwork

Everyone has a way they can contribute, that is what my parents raised me to believe.

Everyone on the planet is different, no two people are the same, which means there are people out there who can do things no one else can, It also means that people who seem useless might be exceptional in some hidden way you just don’t know about.

My cousin Gregor is a good example of this, because he is not smart, not is he fast, nor is he strong, nor is he good with money or anything else. Gregor seemed like a total washout, until we found out he was great with ductwork. Something about that particular practice appealed to him, and he could calculate what size of air ducts were needed for different spaces. The craziest part is that he is no good at math, and can’t really write any of this down, he can just eyeball the space and tell you how the air ducts needed to be installed. It’s called spatial reasoning, I have been told, and in Gregor’s case it just manifests with the flat metal squares of air ducts and vents. Have you ever played Tetris, and it gets going so fast you just react and put the shapes together? I think that is how Gregor sees the pieces of ductwork, and he can assemble them instinctively in his head in ways he can barely articulate. In any event, his special skill has gotten him a really good with a local HVAC contractor, who takes him to all the work sites with him.

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