My dad came to help in the middle of the evening

My mom and dad didn’t want me to move out of their lake house when I was 21, although I was ready to live on my own and I very needed space.

  • I like my mom and dad a lot, however it was hard to be independent and still answer to someone else.

I looked for an condo for a couple of weeks before I found something that was perfect for my needs and my budget. It was a bit run down and older, however that is 1 reason why I could afford to live on my own. I very didn’t want to have a roommate if it was not necessary. My first week in my condo was very rough. Every sound in the city woke me up and I could hear cars, trains, and even airplanes in the sky. One evening I woke up to a loud bang and I realized that I didn’t have any heat in my apartment. I tried to get the radiator to work, however there was no heat at all and it was severely freezing outside. I called the building employer a couple of times however no 1 answered the phone. I called my mom and dad and I cried on the phone. I was terribly frustrated and sleepy and I felt enjoy everything was going wrong. I told my dad that it was freezing in the lake house and I couldn’t figure out how to get the heat to work. It was 2 in the day, however my dad put on a pair of pants and some boots and he drove 30 miles to help me in the middle of the evening.

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