My Dad needs to give his UV-C bulbs some time to work

My father has severe asthma and is constantly plagued with seasonal allergies.  He lives in the same house that he and my mother purchased together back in the 1970s and insisted on staying there even after my mother died ten years ago.  That means that there is potentially dust from decades ago settled in small nooks and crannies all throughout the house. When I installed an air purifier, I kept getting so much microbial buildup on the filter that I had to abandon the method altogether after I burned through two machines in a three month period.  Finally, I decided to try installing UV-C bulbs in my dad’s heating and cooling system. These extremely bright ultra violet lights kill any airborne particles or contaminants that come in contact with them. So as the air circulates through the HVAC system, it pass over these bulbs repeatedly, taking out more microbes and contaminants each time.  But, the effect isn’t immediate, and I had a bit of trouble convincing my father to be patient and give the new modification time to work. Thankfully, after two solid months of the UV-C lights being installed in my dad’s heating and cooling system, he’s noticing less dust around the house and his breathing and allergies keep improving each week. Even though he was skeptical at first, he doesn’t doubt the beneficial effect the lights have had on his house and his health.  I just hope this effect continues well into the future. It seems like the only other option we would have left would be a central air purification system, but that’s going to set my father back even more money. But over time, the UV-C bulbs might be all that he needs to live healthier every day.

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