My daughter kept deleting my work when I was going through HVAC school

Different research papers I worked on, I had to do those all over again

When I decided to try my hand in the HVAC industry, I felt like I could only improve my life. I had a wife and a daughter with autism. I wanted to try to make life better for all of us. I was stuck working at this bank job and I wasn’t exactly thrilled with it. I thought it would be so much better to work with my hands and also I realized I would make a lot more money as an HVAC technician. When I was taking classes in the trade school, it was a real challenge especially while trying to take care of my daughter with autism. She requires a lot of attention and she can give you a lot of issues if things don’t go just right for her. Also when I was studying different assignments for HVAC school, she would get on my computer and delete some of the stuff I was working on. This was difficult at first because I had to do everything all over again. Different research papers I worked on, I had to do those all over again. I learned that I had to create double backups of everything so that I wouldn’t lose anything in the future. These are things you really should think about doing when you have children with autism. She still managed to delete some more of my assignments and she even deleted everything that was sent to the recycle bin on my computer, but I had my backups! I had the backups where she definitely could not find them and I managed to earn my HVAC certification! Now I have been able to start as an HVAC technician and soon I will be able to afford a nicer home for my wife and daughter.

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