My doctor told me to buy a couple air purifiers

My dad and I have struggled with allergies our entire lives. My dad is now sixty-five, and he has pretty bad allergies still. He says that he cannot remember a time when he did not have allergies almost year round. He started taking a natural supplement that helps quite a bit, but it does not get rid of them completely. I tried the same supplement, but so far, it has done nothing for me. I have been to the doctor about it more times than I can count, and I have tried so many medicines for my allergies. My last appointment to a new doctor that I have been seeing was the most helpful so far. She actually told me to buy a couple of air purifiers for my house to see if that would help with my allergies since I spend most of my time at home. I did what she said and bought two air purifiers. I put one purifier in my bedroom, and the other one in the living room where my office is. I did not have very high hopes that they would work, but I was willing to try anything by that point. I have been using the air purifiers for about two months now, and I can definitely say that they have helped a lot. I have seen a huge improvement in my allergies. Having two air purifiers has helped me more than any medicine or natural supplement that I have ever tried. I told my dad about it, but he is stubborn and does not think that it will help him at all, so he refuses to buy an air purifier. I am just thankful that something is finally helping me.


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