My dog loves his air conditioner

If there’s one being that ends up staying at my house the longest, it is my dog Rex. Considering that it is my house, I sure don’t spend a lot of time in it. I regularly work 50 hours a week and that is hard on both me and my poor pup. Five days a week I have to say goodbye rather early in the morning only to return after dark. Rex is never more happy than when he sees me walk through the front door. By the time I pull up in the driveway, he is already at the window barking, so I’m pretty sure he knows the sound of my car in particular, coming down the street. I have a pretty decent HVAC system for my home, though I have to admit, if it wasn’t for Rex, I may not have gotten it. I really care about his comfort when I’m away for those long hours, but if I did not have to worry about that, not only would I save money by not running the air conditioning during the day, I don’t think I would have bought the model to begin with. I might have settled for something less powerful and maybe would have even opted out of central air conditioning all together, but there is no way that I would let my pet languish at home without any form of climate control while I was away! Thus, my air conditioning system is more for his benefit than mine, however, I genuinely appreciate it on the weekends when I finally get a break from work!

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