My dog loves the outdoors, but also climate control

My dog is a little more hardcore than me when it comes to how much he appreciate the Great Outdoors. He was a stray that I found on the side of the road many years ago, but most of his blood is that of a very hardy working class breed. He is an outside dog to be sure, and he insists on patrolling his yard, even in the blazing heat or in a few feet of snow. The big galoot is anything but a sissy lap dog, but there are days and nights where the temperature is so extreme that even he can appreciate the great HVAC system that I have. When I see him out there in that yard, visibly shivering with breath clouding out of his snout, I insist on bringing him inside, and it does not take him long to get comfortable. My furnace is top-notch and I keep it well maintained throughout the year. My dog has his favorite spot in the living room right next to the air vent, where he passes out on a cold evening. I’m actually very grateful that he’s not the shedding type of dog, because I’m sure that that would mean a whole lot of pet dander in the air ducts. On a really hot summer day, when he’s panting away in the Sun, when I decide to bring him in, he clearly gets a kick out of the A/C just as much as he does the heat in the winter. I am beginning to think that he is choosing to be such a dutiful guard dog for my sake, and it is very endearing.

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