My dust irritations and allergies helped by air filters

I am from a family of amazingly healthy humans.

Nobody in my family takes fine care of themselves, but they all still retain superhero strength and tenacity.

I do not guess my family has ever let feeling sick keep them from going to their task or fulfilling their life responsibilities. Every one of us all just power right through as they just comfort and wake up feeling better than next day. I should explain, this is almost everyone in my family except for me. I was born in the sickly one, unfortunately. My greatest concerns in life are my terrible immune plan and my absurd dust irritations. The entire family can live their lives separate from any kind of medication or medical interventions, I am always taking dust sensitivity medicines and complaining to my doctor about my substandard air quality. Air quality is such a big concern in my life that it actually impacts the sections where I reside. I cannot live in a major city due to the air pollution. I also cannot reside too close to the Western Seaboard, because it is running the risk of drifting smog over from Asia Minor. This means, I have to live in the middle of the country and invest in a lot of air quality control devices to mediate to the amount of pollen in my area, however living in the middle of nowhere, there are a lot of plants and therefore Airborne pollen. My lungs do not handle the plant material mingling with my breathing air. As such, I have the most advanced air purification device installed with my central heating and cooling system. I utilize a UV light for disinfection, HEPA air filters for even more filtration, and harshly cool air to moderate bacterial growth. My air quality control device works superbly for living a normal life, although I wish I could live worry-free enjoy my tenaciously healthy family.



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