My Elderly Grandfather

My elderly grandfather will soon be coming to live with me in my house.  He recently lost his wife of over 60 years (my grandmother), and my family and I are determined to help him feel comfortable here.  In anticipation of his arrival, I’ve decided to have the air ducts in our home cleaned. Especially since my youngest has always suffered from allergies, and we have several pets.  I don’t want my grandfather to suffer from any allergies brought on by my home. The HVAC company will be out the day before his arrival, so all is going as planned so far. I’ll have the A/C technician perform an HVAC tune-up while he is here as well.  The last thing I would want is for the A/C to go out in this summer heat. With my grandfathers’ age, I would not want to take any chances. So it only makes sense to have the heating and cooling unit tuned-up, and not just for summer. Once the cold weather comes back, the heater will be on again.  I seriously doubt if I’ll be using the fireplace as much as I had been in the past. Nor would I expect to utilize a portable heater in his room. I’m sure the best plan for my grandfather is to just have the central air conditioning and heating system working at its’ very best. That is why I’ve called for the HVAC tune-up and ductwork cleaning.  I certainly hope Granddad will be comfortable here. This time with me will also allow him the opportunity to get to know my kids!