My energy bills and how they work

I am one of those people who are willing to give up some comforts in order to be able to get something that I really wants.  I am willing to suffer for a while, if need be. I have decided that I am willing to do that to go on my next vacation. My wife isn’t quite as willing, but she also wants to go on this vacation.  We are planning on flying up north and camping on the tundra so we can get an up close look at the Northern Lights. I have always marvelled at their shimmering splendor and I will finally be able to take this off my bucket list.  In the meantime, we are tightening the purse strings. We’ll live on noodles, and we’ll be using the cheapest toilet tissue we can buy. We are also going to be giving up the air conditioning. The energy bill is a big expense on our budget.  We can’t get rid of everything, but since already run the fans, I am going to turn off the air conditioning. I know the fans won’t cool the hot and humid air like the AC would. I know it will only blow the heat and humidity around. As long as I can go to sleep and wake up refreshed enough to go to work, I will be happy.  Next year, we’ll go back to living as we normally do. I’m thinking that maybe we’ll be setting the thermostat a bit higher next year. Even a minimal amount of air conditioning will feel great compared to no air conditioning. We also continue to save money on our energy bills.

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