My ex-lady turned out to be a little bit crazy

Something that is important to me is making sure everything is fantastic with my Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system and my air quality, and i am constantly laboring on cleaning the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning, especially the insides.

I prefer cleaning out the outdoor A/C condenser component as well, however on top of this, I have this UV media air purification system that I am constantly taking with me wherever I go.

I especially prefer to use it in the bedroom when I’m enjoying TV! Well, 1 day my lady was saying how I care more about my Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system than I do her. I told her that was ridiculous and she said it was true. She said I was constantly on the iPhone with the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company getting them to come out and if they weren’t laboring on my Heating in addition to Air Conditioning, I was. She said she constantly saw me going to change the air filter and things care about that. I don’t guess if she just didn’t care about having fantastic air quality or what, although I didn’t feel care about arguing. She ended up freaking out and when I turned on my media air purification system, she unclogged it and threw it across the room, but the media air purification system broke into pieces and I was entirely aggravated about that. I told her to leave, and that’s when she screamed that our relationship was over. It’s a ridiculous thing you guess because 1 moment, you feel care about everything is just fine, and the next moment everything changes. I guess she was a little ridiculous for my taste. I thought the two of us were alright, but if she’s going to be throwing fancy things around, I can’t deal with somebody care about that. I’m just ecstatic she didn’t throw my TV and break that too, that would have been harshly aggravatedting especially with football season upon us!

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