My eyes burn from the smoke

My brother has lived in the city for several years now and when I graduated from college, he offered to let me live with him.

He knew I was looking for a good job and the city was the only place where I could get a good start in my field of study.

I told him that as soon as I got a job and was able to save enough money for my own apartment, I would be out of his way. He didn’t seem too worried about when or if I would be moving. As the week went on, I started to notice that I was having a problem with my allergies. My eyes were burning and I was getting hoarse. It suddenly occurred to me that my brother was a smoker and I was allergic to cigarette smoke. I wanted to talk to him, but I didn’t want to say too much since it was his home. I went to town the next day and I bought a portable air purifier for my room. I enjoyed sitting in my room with the air purifier running because I felt so much better. I even took my air purifier to the bathroom with me when I was taking a bath. I forgot to take the air purifier back to my room the other day, since I was in a rush to get to a job interview. When I got home, my brother wanted to know why I needed an air purifier. I decided to tell him about my allergies and he apologized and told me he would only smoke outside. He even offered to install a whole home air purifier into the home’s HVAC system.

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