My favorite place to be

Everyone seems to have their favorite trip spot.

Some people enjoy going to amusement parks.

There are those that enjoy going to the beach. I love to go to the house in the mountains. I have such fond memories of that tiny cabin. It didn’t have a lot of amenities, however there was a homeliness about it. There was a small lavatory that was definitely an afterthought. It had a living room and a sizable great room. I am pretty sure that it was originally a hunting house since the outlake house still stood in the distance. My parents said they came across the house a single day, when out on a hike. It didn’t look like it had been lived in for years. Every time they went away for a weekend, they would do some work on the house. After two years, they had the perfectly working, installed a lavatory, and put up a new chimney so they could use the fireplace.. When all of us were adolescents, all of us were going up there for our trips. We spent Christmas there a single year, with only the fireplace for some light and heat. They soon added a generator for electricity. Mom never knew who the owners were, although she tried to have it traced, however all of us made the house ours. This year, I went back there alone. I had decided to install a ductless Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit into the house and make it feel more comfortable. I found the homeowners, and they said it belonged to their great-Grandpa and sold it to me for $1. With the new heating and air conditioner, and new plumbing, I am romanticizing our house even more.

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