My favorite things in the sunshine state

When most people think about Florida, they think about the theme parks and the beaches.

I’ve lived in Florida most of my life, and I can honestly say that there are many more fun activities in Florida.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive tourist attractions like theme parks and roller coasters. My family and I particularly enjoy some of Florida’s natural beauty. My favorite things about the Sunshine State, are easily all of the springs. Florida is home to more fresh water springs than any other place in the entire world. There are several different types of springs that can be found in Florida. These springs includes ink holes, karst windows, and spring boils. These freshwater treasures are located all over the region. My family and I live close to Tampa, Florida, and we particularly enjoy visiting Weeki Wachee Springs, Rainbow Springs, and Three Sisters Springs. All of these Florida treasures offer the chance to see wildlife like red-eared sliders, American alligators, and river otters. The sunshine state has a lot of family-friendly activities that cost less than $10 a day. Many of the natural springs are featured in the state park system. These natural wonders can be enjoyed for $5 a car load. If you’re going to spend some time in Florida for vacation, save a few dollars and skip the three-hour ride lines at Disney. Pack a cooler, throw on a swimsuit, and take the kids out to snorkel in some of the prettiest waters in the world. You might be surprised to see an alligator gar, and you just might stumble upon some Civil War era artifacts.

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