My first job

The first job I ever had honestly wasn’t so bad. I was actually hired at this store to greet the people that walked into the place. I mean it wasn’t the most exciting type of work, but I really enjoyed the job for a certain reason. The reason was I loved the A/C that was especially powerful as you walked into the store. I mean the design of the cooling system was remarkable and it effectively cooled people down practically right away as they came in from the intense heat of the outdoors. A lot of people seemed to appreciate my greetings as well because you could tell they were sweating from the brutal heat, and when they seen me, they were suddenly comfortable and happy. I took advantage of the relaxing cooling system and actually enjoyed my work, even though I was paid minimum wage. I even got a lot of numbers from some of the cute young ladies that came in. I mean honestly, the job was a bit silly, but I actually felt important in a way. At least my boss made me feel like my job was important because it was up to me to make people feel happy about being there in the store. After working there for so long, I would see a lot of regulars coming in that would be thrilled to see me. As I would greet the people, I would talk to some of the people for a little while and just enjoy the wonderful cooling air surrounding all of us.

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