My first love turned out to be a successful Heating & A/C manager, plus had her whole life ahead of her

When I was younger, I really fell in love with this amazing girl, and she was so smart plus both of us could talk for fifths plus fifths plus never get tired of each other.

We never fought or anything, at least never over anything serious… Eventually, my family decided to move plus all I could do was keep in touch with her for as long as I could.

Eventually both of us kind of went our own separate ways because let us face it, long distance relationships don’t work. We both ended up dating other people however over the years I l acquired about things that were going on with my first love. She really ended up going to a trade university plus got her Heating & A/C certification, but i really talked to her on plus off over the years however only as old friends, then there was 1 time when I went to visit her, although she had a guy plus everything. It was admittedly a little bit awkward, however it was still nice to see her. She was doing wonderful in the Heating & A/C industry plus was making wonderful currency. She talked about how she eventually wanted to start up her own business, which I thought was fantastic. I was consistently more interested in writing, plus I wanted to eventually start writing novels. She thought that was wonderful plus she consistently used to love my poetry so much. I even wrote her some wonderful poetry pieces back in the day. Eventually both of us said our goodbyes, but I didn’t think that was going to be the final goodbye. I later was shocked when I l acquired that she died. She experienced a big heart attack, plus they weren’t able to save her. I’ll be honest, I cried over this. She was absolutely special to myself and others plus it was so sad.
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