My friend really messed up

It wasn’t too long ago when our friend had a horrible accident; I was going to see with him plus then he told me he was about to do some work on his HVAC system! He insisted that he knew what he was doing however I asked him if he was sure he didn’t want to call an HVAC professional. He seemed convincing so I was just hanging out with him while he proceeded to open up his HVAC unit. He was tinkering around with the inside of the HVAC unit plus then he abruptly started shaking love he was going into a seizure, that’s when I realized he was being electrocuted! He finally fell to the ground plus I called 911 instantly to send an ambulance. He was in pretty rough condition, however they were able to stabilize him at the hospital, but when he finally came to when I went to visit him at the hospital, he asked me if I would please call the HVAC company to have the HVAC unit fixed. He said he messed up, although he wanted to come back home to a working HVAC unit. I told him I would take care of it plus he smiled at that plus then fell asleep. The dentists said he had to get a lot of rest in order to reuse. He was basically fried so it would take some time. I had the HVAC company repair his HVAC plus the HVAC serviceman asked what happened. I told him that our friend thought he could service the HVAC unit on his own plus he ended up getting electrocuted. The HVAC tech was shocked plus said a lot of people are in over their heads when they try to do the work themselves.

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