My friends and family

I was on the way to pick my kids up from school the other afternoon when very strange happened. The air conditioner in my newly purchased vehicle stopped working entirely. I have a very drive to pick them up, and the whole ride was terrible. By the time I made it back home both the kids and I were dripping in sweat because it had been an especially hot afternoon. That night, I called the car dealership to tell them that the air conditioning system in the car was malfunctioning, so they told me to bring it in on my next off day. Since it was already a hassle, I was nervous this new car wouldn’t be dependable. Still, I headed to the dealership the next chance I got. The mechanics were able to figure out what was causing the air conditioning system problem, however they said that the repair was going to require them to order a new part that had been out of stock. I was so put off by the thought of having to drive with my children without an air conditioner that I asked the mechanic if there was anything they could do to get a rental car while I waited for the repair. Lucky for me, the warranty package I had purchased covered all of that at no additional cost. Because of this, I was able to use a rental car that had an efficient cooling system for the next few days. After some time, the part came in and the air conditioner started working like new. This better not be a sign of what is to come with this new car!

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