My furnace lasted much longer than I thought

Although most of the devices you get will be the same, there are truly some that stand out as individuals.

It doesn’t really make much sense, because they’re all the same model, but I don’t know.

I’ve had this happen twice. The first time was when my friend and I bought the same phone. It was the exact same phone and model, but while mine lasted only 2 years, my friend’s lasted 6 years. Then I had a similar experience with my heating system. Before I moved into my current home, the previous owners installed a very cheap furnace into the home. I’m guessing because it would raise the value of the home since it was brand new, but it was still a cheap heating system so they didn’t pay much. I know it was a cheap heater because I read up on the model of HVAC I got, and most of the reviews said it didn’t last past 7 years, and most people weren’t happy with it. So I figured I wouldn’t have that much time, and I would eventually have to get another HVAC installation. To my surprise my HVAC unit went above and beyond my expectations. Instead of the furnace only living 7 years, it went all of the way to 12 years! Almost double of what it was supposed to last. It’s not like I took particularly good care of that heating device either, it just was a really good HVAC machine. So when it was finally time to replace the HVAC, I was almost sad to see it go.
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