My grandmother bought me a heater for Christmas

My grandmother is a very sweet lady.

She tries to do the best for people.

She truly does love people, and I absolutely love her. She has always been one of my favorite people to hang around. She is sort of crazy, but that makes her really fun. She is notorious for buying strange gifts for people for Christmas. She especially buys strange gifts for her family members. It is always hilarious to see the things that she buys for her kids and grandkids. She bought me a heater this year for Christmas, and I was definitely not expecting it. It was definitely not as weird of a gift as I thought that it would be. I thought for sure she would get me something like last year. Last year she got me a hamburger costume. I have no idea why she bought me a costume. She thought that I had asked for one, but I never did. I felt really bad that she thought I had told her a whole story about how much I wanted a hamburger costume, but I never said any such thing. I think she may have gotten me mixed up with someone else. This year’s present was so much better. I was actually excited that she got me a heater. I really needed a heater for my bedroom. My bedroom gets really cold during the winter months, so I mentioned to her months and months ago that I wanted a heater. She remembered and got me one for Christmas. I had thought about getting myself a heater many times, but I just never actually got one. I am super glad that she decided to get me a heater for Christmas.



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