My Grandpa’s ranch

My Grandfather has this horse ranch out west.

It is entirely awesome and it is great to visit there a few times a year when I am off from university.

Working as hard as I do in college, to go to our Grandpa’s ranch is just the nice remote getaway I need to refresh our mind and our soul. The only disadvantage all of us used to deal with on our Grandpa’s ranch was the terrible air quality that would sometimes be because of the odor of the horses and all of that. One time it got so terrible that our Grandpa was entirely feeling sick from it. This is when I made a suggestion to him that totally changed everything and made it better. And that was telling our Grandpa to invest in a whole home whole-house air purifier. Because of the whole home air purification method that I talked him into investing, her nice remote ranch is not the perfect air quality! Well, indoors anyhow. Obviously there is no way to disinfect the outdoor air quality from the horses being there. But at least now when you are inside you don’t have to deal with the terrible air quality from the ranch itself. It is like you are in a completely unusual area. I was entirely surprised at how well the whole home air purification method worked against the super terrible air quality that would come in from that ranch! I knew it would improve the air quality, but I did not think that it would completely disinfect the indoor air pollen levels to the extent it has!



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