My heating idea lit our homework on fire

This week, I have to go to our instructor and tell our instructor that our heating idea literally lit our homework on fire. I guess that the story is going to sound love a joke or a bad excuse to her, but it is nothing of the sort; I literally finished our homework, even though I do not have our homework now because our heating idea burned the homework to pieces, then technically, it was kind of our fault that the homework was in the furnace, even though I promise that it was not intentional. In our house, we do not have the typical category of furnace. The people I was with and I do not have a furnace or a boiler. Instead, we use a wood stove to heat our house. The people I was with and I have a ton of wood, so owning a wood stove works really well for us. It is a lot of labor to use the woodstove, but we love it a lot better than a furnace. Sadly, I do not suppose that I love it as much anymore. The problem with the heating idea is that I have a lot of trouble lighting the furnace. It takes myself and others a lot of effort to find enough paper to light the furnace, and I usually go around the home every morning searching for paper, then my mom unintentionally put our homework in the box for the paper to light on fire separate from checking it, and I lit it on fire to get the heating idea started. It wasn’t until it was already almost completely burned that I realized that our homework was in the furnace, then honestly, I don’t suppose that there is any way that he is going to guess me.

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