My heating system lit my homework on fire

Today, I have to go to my teacher and tell my teacher that my heating system literally lit my homework on fire.

  • I know that the story is going to sound like a joke or a bad excuse to her, but it is nothing of the sort.

I literally finished my homework, but I do not have my homework now because my heating system burned the homework to pieces. Technically, it was kind of my fault that the homework was in the heating system, but I promise that it was not intentional. In our house, we do not have the standard type of heating system. We do not have a furnace or a boiler. Instead, we use a wood stove to heat our house. We have a ton of wood, so owning a wood stove works very well for us. It is a lot of work to use the woodstove, but we like it a lot better than a furnace. Sadly, I do not think that I like it as much anymore. The problem with the heating system is that I have a lot of trouble lighting the heating system. It takes me a lot of effort to find enough paper to light the heating system, and I usually go around the house every morning searching for paper. My mom unintentionally put my homework in the box for the paper to light on fire without checking it, and I lit it on fire to get the heating system started. It wasn’t until it was already almost completely burned that I realized that my homework was in the heating system. Honestly, I don’t think that there is any way that she is going to believe me.


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