My home away from home

The place I prefer to be the most is the local bar near my house. It’s where I have been going for the longest time and it’s a great place to hang out with my buddies as well. When people need to get a hold of me, I always tell them they know where I’ll be. I love to shoot pool, play darts, and I really love the pinball machine in the bar. The thing I love most about the bar though is the powerful climate control system they have. They have a top of the line UV air purification system which keeps the air quality exceptional. They also have a dehumidifier so it never becomes overly humid inside the place. With the ideal thermostat setting at 71 degrees, this place is always completely comfortable. I might stay at home more if my air quality was nearly as nice, but honestly, I can’t afford such a nice climate control system. Maybe one of these days I’ll see about getting a nice air purification system, but that day won’t come for a long while. It doesn’t matter anyway because I’m always at the bar. It’s just the place where I feel most like myself and I can relax and take it easy. I can have a good time talking with my buddies and shooting pool. It’s pretty much my home away from home, but it is more comfortable than my home! Honestly, if I could afford to buy the place, I would. I would love to live in this place with the perfect air quality!

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