My husband bought me a nice heater

I have the best husband ever! He bought me a really nice heater.

I didn’t even realize that he heard me talking about how I wanted a heater.

I am pretty sure that he was not even home when I was talking to my friend about how much I wanted a heater for our bedroom. I have always had trouble sleeping when it is cold in my bedroom. I used to lose hours of sleep each night when I was a child because it was so cold in the house. Let’s just say that I did not grow up in the best home. It was not the worst; I am sure, but it was definitely not up to code. We did not have a furnace in the house, so we tried to heat the house with a makeshift fireplace. Looking back, it was very dangerous. It could have easily caught our house on fire. I am so thankful for God’s protection. He definitely kept me safe along with my entire family. I can remember many nights as a child lying in bed wide awake because I was so cold. I had had a space heater in my bedroom for years, but when my husband and I got married, I stopped using one because I was afraid that he would be too warm. I am so glad that he heard through the grapevine that I wanted a heater and bought one for me. I know that I should have told him myself, but I knew that if I told him, he would buy one whether he wanted one in the room or not. He is just sweet like that.


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