My husband fell off a counter when he was trying to disinfect the ductworks in our house

Last week, my husbandy went on a wild cleaning frenzy.

She gets in the mood to disinfect every once in a while, and nothing is safe when he is in a single of his cleaning moods.

She throws all kinds of stuff away and makes several trips to the local charity store to drop things off… Last week, he went a single step further and decided that our air vents and all of the ductwork in our heating and cooling plan needed to be cleaned out, but i told his that I thought that the Heating and Air Conditioning company has special tools for cleaning out air vents and ductwork, however he was on a roll. She said that there was no way that he was going to wait around and make an appointment for an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist to come and disinfect the ductwork out because the indoor air pollen levels in our house was terrible and he was going to suck out all the dust and debris herself with our shop vac. I told his that he was nuts and that he would undoubtedly hurt herself trying the disinfect the ductwork herself, but once he gets his mind set on something, there’s no talking his out of it. I left and went to labor and a couple of hours later, I got a phone call from the hospital; My husbandy had gotten tangled up in the vacuum cord while he was up on a ladder in the living room trying to disinfect the air vent on the ceiling. She fell off the ladder and whacked the back of his head on the heating vent on the floor when he landed. She’s going to be fine, however I told his from now on, all of us are leaving the ductwork cleaning to the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals.

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