My Husband the Engineer

My husband is an engineer and his area of expertise is Commercial Building Automation Systems. He travels around the country, but he’s usually only gone for about a week out of each month. When he first started working in the field of Building Automation Systems and Building Automation Solutions, we weren’t aware that he was going to need to be traveling that much, but the company that he works for needs someone out on the road sometimes to do inspections on the commercial buildings where they do custom commercial building automation system installations. And that’s what my husband does when he’s out traveling for the week. He used to go and help oversee the Building Automation Solutions installations back when he first started his career. And before that, he actually worked on doing the installations themselves. But of course, as he worked his way up through the company ranks, he ended up doing all kinds of jobs within the Commercial Building Automation Systems company. Sometimes, he’s even been thrown in to work on some HVAC Control Service installation system projects, even though that’s not what he specializes in. His company asks him to do whatever they happen to need at the moment, which I guess is okay. I do know that he feels more comfortable sticking with what he knows, though, and that’s Commercial Building Automation Systems. He’s really good at his job, and even though I hate that he has to be gone for a whole week out of the month, I’m glad that he’s able to do something that he actually enjoys for a living.

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