My HVAC condenser is slowly getting louder while the system runs

I’m a firm believer in planning for the worst while always hoping for the best.

I know many friends of mine who have lost their minds amid the pandemic.

A lot of them thought this would be a temporary problem that we’d simply overcome in a few months, but now the numbers on infection rates and fatalities are the worst they have ever been. Just weeks ago many were flocking to bars and restaurants to escape their involuntary self-isolation, but now we’re seeing new lockdowns across the country and throughout the world. I told myself when this all started that the global economy could collapse, and at that point it was anyone’s guess what would happen or result from that. Nothing that bad has happened yet, but preparing myself mentally for the situation has helped me process some of the adversity I’ve been facing. When I heard a noise coming from my HVAC condenser compressor, I expected the worst and called the heating and cooling company. My wife told me that my efforts were in vain and that it was normal for air conditioning condensers to make noises like this as they get older. It turns out that I was right to be worried when I heard the noise. The HVAC company told us that something got into the refrigerant line and the compressor had to be replaced inside the condenser outside. It was a long procedure, but now I have a working central air conditioning system once again. And since my system was under a 10-year parts and labor warranty, I didn’t pay a penny to have everything done to fix the air conditioner.

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